Hey I'm Kerry

I am a creative soul who wants to help budding businesses grow with style and ease. I want to challenge you to think long term, to support business yourself sustainably.

I am different.

I am an innovative, eco friendly brand + website designer, who bakes plant based food that nourishes the soul.

I create branding + website, content design and strategy with clear, effective and high quality aesthetic solutions. You can be confident that while you’re making our Earth a better place with your business – I’m designing your brand to shine bright.

When I’m not drowning my plants with love, my creative imagination is finding ways to make your brand sparkle, with a clear strategy, design and eco conscious solution that innovates.

I am not a “green guru” or a save the planet kind of gal. I am quirky, I am sassy and I give it my all emotionally and spiritually. I am trying to live my life and conduct business in the most sustainable – environmentally, economically and socially way I can.

If you’re a little different too, or if you have just a smidge of sass we will get along like a house on fire!

I love helping my clients be the change they are waiting for.

With creative expression

  • They have tried to do it themselves but haven’t succeeded.
  • They have grown and are ready to spend the money on a expertly designed logo.
  • They want someone who understands them and shares their values.
  • They want to know their designer will find a balance between design and strategic intention.

With desired durability

  • They feel like everything looks the same.
  • Other templates don’t demonstrate “being green”, “eco-friendliness” they just give you a generic fit for your brand.
  • There is no specific template pack for “eco-conscious” brands, if there are, they are cliche, everyone is using it and they don’t fit my brand.

With intentional eco friendly design solutions

  • They can’t find an eco-friendly web designer.
  • They were all too cliche.
  • The message didn’t represent my brand.
  • They feel their current website doesn’t reflect their branding or values, it has no room for them to grow or branch out.

The question is

why not be eco friendly?

Environmentally friendly, eco conscious, green graphic design all represent the same thing, to practice sustainable design. It is not just using recycled paper and vegetable based inks. It is not about printing less, or reusing promotional materials. It takes into consideration the whole life cycle of the product or service.


Throw out the old

Throw out the old idea of only “greenies” or small businesses can really be eco friendly.

Whether you are big or small you can implement eco friendly processes through every phase of your business.

View some ideas here.

Design is not art

The purpose of a brand is to aesthetically reflect your core values and mission to your audience. 

With a creative business strategy we can create a design intended to reveal your values to your audience.

Are you ready to be an ecopreneur?

Brand Design

Every brand has a personality, let’s create yours and make it SPARKLE. I delve into the purpose of why your business exists, how it makes a positive impact and why people must know it. To show your customers who you are we must first DISCOVER who your brand is, what it stands for, and HOW you want to share your vision. The result? A clear, strategic logo and brand guide which achieves yours brands intention.

Website Design

I design your website to fulfil your brands intention. Illustrating your business, begins, and values, by integrating communication with conversion based strategy.

It means you can halve your time updating, maintaining, researching and stressing about your website conversion rate. Use your time to create your products or service and have an impressive website that converts like a pro.

A Day With Me

Just what it means – hire me for a day.

Some projects don’t need weeks or months. You may just need a banner made for your next event, social media layouts created (that aren’t found on canva), photos photoshopped, lookbook displaying your amazing work/products, gifs made for your business, video edits and/or animated and website maintenance.

Kerry was a pleasure to work with. She was able to help get the ideas out of my head and onto paper with extra detail. She worked with the very little information I provided her and turned it into a stunning business plan. She was more than happy to go back and forth with feedback and minor alterations resulting in a product we could both be very proud of. All in all, the service Kerry provided was seamless and very detailed. I would recommend Kerry to anyone starting off or looking at rebranding their business.


Rachelle V.

Heka Healing

Kerry was professional from the beginning right to the end! She really understood my brand - what it stood for, what I wanted to create and communicate. The brand presentation was more than I could have expected and helped me understand my own product better. This is an invaluable service for any new businesses, emerging artists and creatives, but also a great opportunity to revise and improve an established brand. Highly recommend!


Irina A.

Béton Homewares

Kerry understood immediately how important my values were. She didn't try and change what was important to me but made that my point of difference. She has made me incredibly proud of my brand and myself. I feel that I can represent myself as an eco-conscious brand and be sure that my branding illustrates this. I would recommend Kerry to anyone wanting to make their dream a reality!


Brenda R.

The Crafting Bee

Kerry is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met and she is an absolute pleasure to be around. Without fail, she will make everyone in the room feel seen, heard and important. Her outlook on life and go-getting attitude are infectious. Kerry has a special talent to see the good in absolutely everything and everyone. She will find the strengths in something and make sure the rest of the world can see it too. Kerry is an exceptional communicator and a constant support to those around her. I am so impressed and awe-inspired with the work that Kerry produces and always look forward to seeing what she will create next.


Holly W.

Kerry's was a dream to work with. She made the design process fun and easy - presenting only a handful of options at each stage so we didn't feel overwhelmed with the decision!


Rob P.

Red Dust

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Want to work together?

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Brand?

Are You Ready to Transform Your Brand?

Download my Brand Strategy + Design Guide to see how I can make your brand shine!

This Guide includes my pricing, timeline and processes to get your brands story out there!

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